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Where do I find the printer driver set up window?
about 5 years ago

It is necessary for a Canon Printer user to keep their print head nozzle clean if they want t have quality print without any hurdle. Cleaning the print head allow it to function properly. You can follow the given procedure to clear the print head:

  • First, open Printer Driver setup window.
  • Open Maintenance tab and click on Cleaning.
  • When print head cleaning dialog box appears, select the ink group for which cleaning should be performed.
  • Ensure that machine is turned on and then click Execute.
  • Print head cleaning will start; you will get the confirmation message.
  • The Nozzle check dialog box will appear.
  • If you want to check the print quality, click on “Print Check Pattern” or to cancel the check process, click Cancel.If this doesn’t help you then you can perform manual cleaning.

It is suggested that you should take assistance from Canon Printer Phone Number UK to know the exact process of manual cleaning. They will suggest you step-by step process which can be easy for you to perform. Moreover, the assistance can be accessed at any point of day as they work round the clock for 365 days. For more info call @ 0808-169-1989 (Toll-Free, UK)

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